How to Replace an Oticon Receiver

We show you how to a replace an Oticon Receiver

How to Replace an Oticon Receiver

Oticon receivers come in 4 different powers, 3 of which can be changed by the end user - 60, 85 and 100. 

To change a receiver, you need to first ensure that you have your hearing aid, new receiver (check that it is for the correct side and the same power as your existing receiver) and pin removal tool.

Oticon receiver image 1
Remove the existing receiver

Locate where the receiver is connected to the hearing aid. On the underside of the hearing aid, you will see a small notch indent. Insert the pin removal tool into the bottom (smaller) section of the notch and gently push down and drag up towards the tip of the hearing aid to remove the existing receiver. You will see the receiver slide out of the hearing aid.

Oticon receiver image 2
Replace with a new receiver

Take your new receiver. Locate the top end of the receiver (circled below). This is the connection you need to insert into the hearing aid. Push the receiver connection gently into the hearing aid. You may feel a small click as the receiver locks into place.

Oticon receiver image 3

Check our video on How to Replace an Oticon Receiver on YouTube.