How to Replace a Retention Lock on an Phonak Audeo M Hearing Aid

A retention lock keeps your hearing aid secure. We show you how to replace it.

dome hearing aid

A retention lock assists in keeping your hearing aid securely in your ear. It may need changing from time to time, so that your hearing aid remains secure when inserted.

There are 3 different fits of retention locks, designed to match the size of your receiver - S, M and P.

Retention locks aren’t side-specific, so can be fit to both right and left hearing aid receivers.

Remove the dome and old retention lock

To remove the dome, grasp the tip of the dome between your thumb and forefinger and pull it off the receiver.

dome-1Now remove the old retention lock by sliding it off the receiver.

Replace the retention lock and dome

For S and M receivers, you will also notice a small bump protruding from the receiver. This corresponds to a matching hole in the retention lock to help hold it in place.

retention lock-1pointer-1

If you look at the receiver, you will notice one side has a number and a letter written on it. You will need to place the retention lock with the tail sticking out on the OPPOSITE side of the receiver (the wider side that has no writing on it).

2Mclose up receiver

Line the retention lock up with the tail protruding on the correct side of the receiver. You need to place the retention lock with the FLAT side sliding onto the receiver first. 


Slide the retention lock all the way to the end. For an S or M receiver, you may feel it gently click into place as the bumps on the receiver align with the retention lock. For a P receiver, slide the retention lock to the end of the silver area.

Replace your dome by pushing it back onto the receiver.

SM receiverP receiver