How To Change A Cerustop

If you have a receiver-in-canal style hearing aid, you will have a wax filter called a Cerustop fitting. It needs to be cleaned and replaced. Here's how to do it.

Changing a cerustop

Your hearing aid is a receiver-in-canal style, and has a wax filter, called a cerustop, at the end of the receiver which will require regular cleaning and replacement as required.

The cerustop can block up from time to time, which can make the hearing aid sound softer, or work intermittently, or not work at all, so it’s important to check that it is clear to ensure your hearing aid continues to work optimally for you. The cerustop is the small white filter located at the end of the receiver of your hearing aid.

Hearing aids fit with a dome

cerustop image 1

If your hearing aid has been fit with a dome, then you will need to remove the dome to access the cerustop. 

To remove the dome, grasp the tip of the dome between your thumb and forefinger and pull it off the receiver. 

Once you have replaced the cerustop (see steps below for instructions), reattach the dome by pushing it back onto the end of the receiver until it is secure.

Hearing aids fit with an earmould

If your hearing aid has been fit with an earmould, then the cerustop is located at the end of the earmould, so is easily accessible.

How to change the cerustop

Cerustops come in a grey case and contain 8 cerustops.

cerustop image 2

Replacement cerustops are attached to a black tool to aid easier removal and replacement. Each tool has a new cerustop on one end, and a removal hook on the other end.

cerustop image 3

To remove and replace the cerustop on your hearing aid:

  1.   Remove the old cerustop by inserting the removal hook into the used wax filter. Then, slowly pull the cerustop straight out. It’s important not the pry or twist the cerustop to remove it, as this will affect the bushing that holds it in place. 
  2.   Turn the tool around so that the new cerustop can be inserted into your hearing aid. Gently press the new cerustop into the opening of the hearing aid sound outlet. The outer ring of the cerustop should sit flat on the bushing surrounding it.
  3.   Pull the tool straight out (make sure you don’t pry or twist it out). The new cerustop will detach from the tool and remain in place in the hearing aid. Discard the used tool and cerustop. Never reuse a wax filter. If the cerustop is a poor fit in your hearing aid, discard it and insert another one.
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