Fixing hearing aid app connections

Troubleshooting hearing aid apps with common sense solutions

People with bluetooth enabled hearing aids enjoy the convenience of taking phone calls, and enjoy listening to music and podcasts steamed directly into your hearing aids. Hearing aids also come with smartphone apps which provide single-touch convenience to manage program and volume.

But with great convenience comes the occasional annoyance when connections drop out.

If this happens, there are things you can do to fix the connection.


  • Have I downloaded and installed the latest version of software for my devices?
    • It is important to regularly download and install software updates  provided by the manufacturer. These updates protect your device from viruses and hacking, as well as improve the device’s operation.
  • Have I downloaded and installed the latest version of software for my applications?
    • If your phone (or device) has had a software update, check to see whether your applications also require updating. Occasionally an update to the device will require an update to the applications too.

A software update may require you to completely switch off the phone for a minute before switching it back on and allowing the phone to boot up fully.

If that has not fixed the problem, you may need to reconnect your hearing aids to your device once more. This applies to bluetooth connection drop outs as well as hearing aid apps.

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