Phonak Bluetooth Static Issues (Update: May 2021)

Phonak Bluetooth Static Issues: Static noise during phone calls


The message we have received from Phonak is the issue of static noise during phone calls has been resolved with iPhone update 14.5.

We recommend that all hearing aid users keep their phone and hearing aid software up to date to ensure the optimal operation of their mobile phone as well as the features associated with their hearing aids


A message from Phonak 10/2/21:
During the QAT phase we received complaints about a static noise during phone calls with Paradise and some iPhone models. We investigated the issue and were able to reproduce this with iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2020 (2nd generation) and iPhone 11.

The route cause was already found and the static noise can occur due to Bluetooth timing issues in the communication between the hearing aids and the smartphone and can occur with any phones. A second part of the issues is with Apple and we are already in touch with them to find a solution.

We are currently looking into when and how a fix can be rolled out and we will keep you posted about it.

Until a fix is available, the static noise can be avoided by switching Bluetooth off and on again via the settings of the smartphone.