Connecting your Phonak Hearing Aids to an Android phone

It's not uncommon to come across bugs and glitches with the Bluetooth connectivity. One excellent way to debug these issues is by unpairing and re-pairing your phone

Enjoy taking phone calls and streaming music or podcasts directly into your hearing aids by pairing your hearing aids to the MyPhonak app. Audioloigst Louai Naouri from Value Hearing Gold Coast runs you through the process step by step.

Watch the video or read the transcript below.


Hi my name is Louai and I'm a clinical audiologist at Value Hearing. And today I'm going to be doing a short demonstration on how to pair the new Phonak Paradise hearing aids to Android Smartphones.

Now Bluetooth connectivity on hearing aids is an excellent feature that provides a lot of handy benefits but it is not without its issues. 

It's not uncommon to come across bugs and glitches with the Bluetooth connectivity, no matter which manufacturer of hearing aid you use or which phone you have. These things do crop up from time to time.

And one excellent way to debug these issues is to unpair the hearing aids and re-pair them to the phone. So that's exactly what I'm going to do today and you can follow along with my screen recording to see how that's done.

Unpairing your hearing aids from your phone

MyPhonakapp image

If you have some Phonak Paradise hearing aids that have already been paired to your phone either by yourself or by your hearing provider what you'll first need to do is click here on your MyPhonak app.

We can go to the top right hand corner here and select My Hearing Aids. 

If you scroll to the bottom you will see a big red button there that says Forget Devices.

Unpair-re-pair forget devices

We'll push this button down here and we'll confirm that we want to unpair the hearing aids from your phone.

From there we go back to the Home menu.

And we want to go into our Settings.

Home Menu Settings Connection Tab

Then you want to click the Connections tab.

And into your Bluetooth.

You should see three different places in which your hearing aids are connected to your phone. Two low energy hearing aid connections for each hearing aid so that's the LE_Right and your LE_Left down here, and a single pairing for the streaming of phone calls or media which will either be on your Right hearing aid or your Left.

In this instance you can see at the top it's the Right - it says R-Phonak hearing aid so we want to go ahead and unpair each and every one of these.

Three connections

We can do this by clicking the wheel to the right.

And down the bottom here you will see, just here, an unpair symbol.

We'll click that and we'll do that for all three instances. Okay so now they're unpaired.

Re-pairing your hearing aids to your phone

What we want to do at this point now is re-pair the hearing aids back to your phone.

Make sure your hearing aids are very close to the phone. 

And we want to turn them off and then turn them back on again. The reason for doing this is when the hearing aids turn on, they are on a Bluetooth pairing mode for a couple of minutes only so you have to act relatively quickly.

So, I'm going to turn my hearing aids on. 

If it's a battery operated hearing aid you do this by closing the battery door. If it's a rechargeable hearing aid you can do this by putting them in the recharger and then removing them again.

Okay, so my hearing aids are on now.

Scan devices, select, confirm pairing

And we're going to scan for new devices.

And there it is, the right hearing aid. So we'll select that.

Now it'll ask me in a moment to confirm the pairing.

There it is and we'll select OK.

Good. Now we can go back into the app and we can hit continue here if you want further instruction on how to do this. You can select the instructions here either for non-rechargeable devices or rechargeable devices but I'm going to walk you through that anyway.

So, once again we want to, if more than a couple of minutes have elapsed,  to turn the hearing aids off and back on again so I'm just doing that right now.

Okay and then we're going to hit Continue, all the while ensuring that the hearing aids are nice and close to our phone.

Now this could take up to a minute or so to search for them.

We'll see here it's recognised the left and the right hearing aid.

Recognised left and right aid

We're going to go ahead and click Select.

Again, it's going to ask for two confirmations for each hearing aid.

We're going to select OK. In a moment it'll ask for the other.

So that's it. What we have done now is unpaired our hearing aids and re-paired them both to the phone and the MyPhonak app.

Hopefully that's going to help with any sort of bugs or issues that you may be experiencing from time to time with your Bluetooth connection.