CeruShield Issues - Difficulties Turning the CeruShield Disk

The CeruShield is a convenient way of replacing the wax filter. If you have difficulties in turning the disk, we show you how to solve the problem.

CeruShield Issues - Difficulties Turning the CeruShield Disk

CeruShields were released with Phonak Marvel and Unitron Discover hearing aids at the end of 2018/early 2019. As a new product, the design of the disk is still, in some ways, a work in progress. There are currently 2 versions  of the CeruShield disk available:

cerushield disk image 1Version 2 is the redesigned disk with more prominent grooves on the right and left hand sides of the front of the disk to assist with turning the dial.

Regardless of the 2 versions of the CeruShield disk, from time to time, you may encounter some difficulties turning the dial to reveal a new CeruShield.

If this occurs, you can attempt to loosen the front and back sides of the disk by gently prying them apart. This is sometimes successful in loosening both sides to allow for easier turning of the dial.

cerushield disk image 2

If still unsuccessful, you can remove the top of the disk by prying the front and back disks apart to reveal all 8 CeruShields. You may require a reasonable amount of force to completely pry the disks apart.

cerushield disk image 3

When using the CeruShield disk in this manner, keep in mind that the INNER circle will contain the USED CeruShields and that the OUTER circle will contain the NEW CeruShields.

cerushield disk image 4