Can I Wear Hearing Aids With Glasses?

Tips on how to wear hearing aids with glasses

Some clients dismiss getting behind-the-ear hearing aids if they were spectacles. 

But smaller is not necessarily better when it comes to hearing aids. And we address the  pros and cons of very small hearing aids here.

So if your audiologist recommends a behind the ear model to best address your unique hearing loss, and you wear glasses, what are your options?

The good news is behind-the-ear hearing aids are a lot smaller than you might expect. Ask your audiologist to show you a full range of modern behind-the-ear models from different manufacturers, so you can see and touch them for yourself.

The good news is, you are unlikely to have difficulties wearing a behind-the-ear hearing aid and your glasses, but you might need to have a practice until you become comfortable with the process.

Use both hands to take off your glasses, pulling them forward to reduce the risk of tugging your hearing aids.

Style of glasses

If you’re in the market for new glasses, consider a frame with thin earpieces. Let your optician know that you wear hearing aids and they will be able to help you make a good selection that can comfortably accommodate both.

Style of hearing aids

If behind-the-ear hearing aids are recommended, and you are concerned about the size, ask your audiologist about whether a mini-BTE would work for you. 


Tips to wearing glasses with your behind-the-ear hearing aids.

  • Put your glasses on before you put in your hearing aids
  • Place the hearing aid between the glasses earpiece and your outer ear.
  • Adjust both as needed until they are comfortable and the hearing aid isn’t hanging away from your outer ear.
  • Practice removing and putting on your glasses, in front of a mirror. Use both hands, and only use a straight-forward and straight-back motion.